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Name Abilities Contact
Luisa Sullivan I Can race any of the following: 55-59; 50-54; 49-50; Open and Unlimited. I am a paddler of Hokuloa Club in Ventura, CA.
I have been racing iron and 9-men races for 4 seasons, including Catalina Crossing for 3 times, Queen Lili in Kona for 2 times, and MBX in North CA.
My W50+ – OC6 crew – medaled in every race in the 2018 season – Including:
1. 3rd place in State Championship for the W50+ Divisions
2. 3rd place in USA Championship in Catalina Crossing
3. 1st Place in MBX race in Santa Cruz
1. (2) Completed Queen Lili Iron Race
2. 2nd place in the 5 Miles Sprint – Mix 50+ Queen Lili Race\
3. 2nd place in the Mix Master – Double Hull – Queen Lili Race
4. Participated in a few OC1 races for the Winter Series
I can cover any seat 1 through 5, no seat 6, but my best seats are seat 1,2, or 5.
Phone: 7202891384
Email: luisasul AT gmail DOT com
Paul M. Hirsh Age Division: KUPUNA MALE, AGE 70
Abilities (experience, seat(s), etc. that you have or that your crew is looking for: VETERAN PADDLER, QUEEN’S, MOLOKA’I CHANNEL, SEATS 1,2,5. THREE YEARS RUNNING.
Phone: 253 358 0607
Email: hirshp AT gmail DOT com
Vanessa Weiss 50, 55, or 60’s. Can sit any seat. Have steered and stroked this race many times. 35 years of experience. Club in Maui doesn’t have enough for crew. Kihei Canoe Club. Could supply more women if needed. 808 281-7629 | vanessajweiss AT hotmail.com
Ryan Pfost Open division: 5+ years open water experience. Molokai hoe, pailolo, Queen Liliuokalani. Usually stroker, but can sit anywhere. Steer in an emergency. Paddle with Na Kai Ewalu on maui. 530-306-7445 | ryan.pfost AT gmail.com
Candy Green 50, 55, or 60s (62 by race day). Seats 2-5. Paddling two years in Oahu. Very’comfortable With water changes, did Paddle for Life last year Maui to Molokai. 808-221-6586 | candeleh AT hotmail.com
Jesse Cracknell 45 years old. So 40s or open.  I paddle for Anuenue, Nappy Napolian’s club on Oahu. Normally I sit seat 1 but I can also steer. I have paddled for over 15 years and completed over ten Molokai crossings and one solo crossing.
I am looking to get on a crew for Na Pali challenge on August 4th
808-741-1251 | j4u AT me.com
Eddie Weavet 40+, open division. Aloha, My name is Eddie and I am 43 years young. I have paddled for Kahana Canoe Club on Maui for the past three years. I sat in all seats during my Novice B year (mostly seats 4 and 5), over the last two years I have been steering. I have done some long distance races with my club and train on my OC2. I will be in Kauai for the HCRA State Championship and am looking to join a team that may need to fill a seat for the Na Pali Coast Challenge. I would bring high energy, positive mana, and the appreciation of the ocean to any team. Mahalo for your time and consideration. 9042331521 | weaver_eddie AT yahoo.com
Alec Fierman Nov A ,Open, 19-39. I paddle for Puna canoe club Nov A, I’m 37 years old, 170lbs. Seat 1-5. I’m gonna be in Kauai for states, tickets and hotel already booked, looking to join a crew for na pali challenge. Recent LD – Kohala coastline relay, Pailolo, Queen Lilioukalani, HIPA one man season. I can pay for my part immediately. I’m ready to go…lmk mahalos 8087560899 | threesheetz AT yahoo.com
Jennifer Smith 50-60s. Woman 17 years experience with Haleiwa Oahu.
Can sit seats 2-5
11 Na Wahine O Ke Kai
10 Queen Lili’uokalani
6 Dad’s Center
2 Na Pali
2018 World Sprints Tahiti, Team Hawaii (60, placed V12, V6)
I am on Kauai for State race
Team player!!
Please e-mail me if you have a seat, Mahalo
bigmahalo3 AT yahoo.com
Brian Ross Any division. Experienced waterman, have solo paddled Na Pali Coast & Internationally. Novice A Paddler with Na Kai Ewalu, sit # 4 or 3 808-463-9500 | brimaui@yahoo.com
Eric Baicy 40s or open. Male paddler From Big Island. Able to sit 1-5, typically 1 and 5. Can assist steersman, but can only steer if you don’t want to win. Paddle long distance OC1 and OC6 for Keaukaha past 3 years. Will be at States for Mens 40 and would love to paddle Na Pali as we were unable to put a full crew together for the race. Positive team player and I’d be stoked to be paddling this race at any level of competitiveness your crew wants to go for. 175 lbs, 49. 206-604-7511 | svsarana AT yahoo.com
Jen Open.Aloha! I’m a 36 year old wahine and I paddle competitively for a club on Oahu. I’m not sure if I’ll have a spot in our women’s canoe due to high interest from other paddlers on our team who have been with the club longer and I really want to steer this race so I’m looking for a crew.

Although I’m a novice b per Hui Waa standards, I paddled competitively when I younger on Maui for Napili Canoe Club and also for recreation over at Lanikai in Oahu. I have always sat in seats 1 or 2 but have been both stroking and steering this season in our regattas and practices and would love the opportunity to steer Na Pali. Steering is my new passion and I only want to get better at it before I go further into long distance racing.

I’m very comfortable in the ocean and have a natural connection to it. I’ve been in the water since I was in diapers either swimming, surfing, on a SUP, paddling canoe, bodyboarding and sponging.

I would be eternally grateful to steer this race, especially with a crew that has good energy and is more into soul paddling with a little twist of healthy competition of course 🙂

Mahalo nui loa.

mermaidsurfer AT hotmail.com | 808-226-1719
Miri Sumida Over 30 years experience in regatta, long distance. 6 man and oc1, paddleboard, v1. Na Wahine, Pailolo Challenge, Liberty Challenge, Hamilton Island, Catalina, Na Pali Challenge, Queen Liliuokalani, and much more. Part of Puna Canoe Club’s winning 50’s and 55 mix crew. All seats, except 6 in Competition. Still working to improve steering.

In shape, strong and determined. Competitive and team player. Although small (5’3″) in stature, I bring power and blend to the canoe I will not disappoint. I am currently with another club this year who does not have a long distance program. I have been training hard on my own on the oc1 and v1 in preparation to participate in long distance races this year should I be accepted by a crew. Na Pali is the first race on my list. I will be there at States in the 3rd of August. I hope to hear from you.

8089379157 | sumidahilo AT gmail.com
Hedy Downing 70 / Bennett paddling with the 55s.  Have paddled for 20yrs. I paddle with West Kauai Club.I have done Molokai, Napali and doing Queen Liliuokalani again this year.When I am on the mainland I paddle with Team Arizona in Phoenix.I did the World Sprints in Tahiti with Team Hawaii. Will paddle seats1-5 808-639-9744
Linea Hulse Novice A, Open after states. Can sit seats 1-5. Mostly 2 & 3. Paddle with Na Kai on Maui. Have done long distance and have been training all summer. 808-633-0606 | lineahulse AT live.com
Jono Fadriquela (seat 1-6) & Ron Johnston (stroker) 60s. We are experienced open water paddler for Hawaiian canoe club looking for 2 seats for Napali race. I have done 2 of Napali race. Let us know if you needs us. Thank you. (808) 870-0190 | sopacplumbing AT msn.com
Eric J. Marovish 48 – Novice A or Masters. 2nd year paddling but first year competitively. I’m a strong paddler and have experience in seat 3 and 4 and limited experience as a steersman. 808-855-0776

Below are crews looking for paddlers (fill in form at bottom to submit info)

Crew/Name What’s needed Contact
Gretchen Gill OPEN DIVISION. Seek experienced steerspeople: 1 man and 1 woman Phone: 202-549-5373

Email: msgill00 AT hotmail.com

Kahakai Open. Looking for a strong paddler to sit 5, and even steer if needed. 805-319-2630 | ashleyjrichardson81 AT gmail.com

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