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Name Abilities Contact
 Andrea Souther  I’m a swimmer, comfortable in the water and can pull my self in. 2nd year paddling for OOCC. 2017 Catalina Crossing on Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club b canoe seat 3, 4, 5…I’ve been sitting 4 at the start of my 2nd season sat 1 and 2 as a novice. I’ll have a few more irons in me by August- im hooked.  707-218-5771 or andreasouther AT yahoo DOT com
Diana Temple Paddled for Hanalei, then Namalakama through the 80’s and mid 90’s.
First crew.
Liliuokalani is my favorite race.
Did that race in 2015 with Namalakama with three of my friends but dropped to 50s as there was one gal 51. But we got 3rd.
Next year with Keauhou got silver..darn 30 seconds from first . Last year with Kaiopua..gold. always paddle that race iron.
Pailolo last year with Kaiopua. gold.
So we had an awesome 60s crew.
I can still do ocean changes. I am 63 but often dropped down to steer 50s or 55 mixed.
My seats are any…though seat four is my least fav. But it doesn’t matter. I am lightweight.
Anyway, I do have experience as you can see.
Did Molokai several times, once on the one man in 97. Won the 40s division.
I was on the mainland for several years. Just paddled briefly with Marina Del Rey.
Mostly one man.
Moved back here in 2013.
dianalee.temple AT gmail DOT com
Barbara Haight Paddled since my teens from Hilo.
Lightweight 57 yrs. old.
dianalee.temple AT gmail DOT com
Stephanie (O’Kalani Alameda, CA) I’ve been paddling for O’Kalani for about a year and a half and raced full-time last year. I’m a strong seat 2 and 3, but comfortable in most other seats as well, except steering. I have continued to build my skill by paddling OC1. I did the Monterey bay crossing, around Alcatraz island and other change races before. I have already bought my flights so I’m fully committed to this race, just home to find a crew. 33 years old. slenorovitz AT gmail.com or 808-223-1520
Gail Beckley, Kris Lindquist, Dee Kila 50s or 55s crew. Three ladies looking for crew. 1-5 for gail beckley
1-5 Kris Lindquist
1-6 dee kila
gkiaha AT hawaii.rr.com
Pearl Yeast Experienced paddler, 50+ women. Currently living on the mainland. Usually sit seat 1 or 2. Can steer – but not my greatest strength. Lightweight (125lb). Multiple years at the Queen Liliuokalani. Paddling since 1992 (fairly consistently). 505-715-8221 or pyeast505 AT gmail DOT com

Below are crews looking for paddlers (fill in form at bottom to submit info)

Crew/Name What’s needed Contact
 Lotus Six Pack 50+  Experienced women’s crew and 2 men needed, steersman a plus.
At present we are 4 men with a possible 5th but no women. We do not really care about age group.
 gregbo AT gmail DOT com
Lotus Sports Burnaby, BC  Motley crew of experienced paddlers trying to put crew together. So far we have four 50+ males, maybe 2 females (possibly not!), and looking for more. Any experienced, super fun folks looking to partake? We are based out of Burnaby, BC and will have an (already together) Open team involved. Completed Queen Lili in 2016 in 2:27 in Men over 50… gregbo AT gmail DOT com or 778-285-3265

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