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Luisa Sullivan I Can race any of the following: 55-59; 50-54; 49-50; Open and Unlimited. I am a paddler of Hokuloa Club in Ventura, CA.
I have been racing iron and 9-men races for 4 seasons, including Catalina Crossing for 3 times, Queen Lili in Kona for 2 times, and MBX in North CA.
My W50+ – OC6 crew – medaled in every race in the 2018 season – Including:
1. 3rd place in State Championship for the W50+ Divisions
2. 3rd place in USA Championship in Catalina Crossing
3. 1st Place in MBX race in Santa Cruz
1. (2) Completed Queen Lili Iron Race
2. 2nd place in the 5 Miles Sprint – Mix 50+ Queen Lili Race\
3. 2nd place in the Mix Master – Double Hull – Queen Lili Race
4. Participated in a few OC1 races for the Winter Series
I can cover any seat 1 through 5, no seat 6, but my best seats are seat 1,2, or 5.
Phone: 7202891384
Email: luisasul AT gmail DOT com
Paul M. Hirsh Age Division: KUPUNA MALE, AGE 70
Abilities (experience, seat(s), etc. that you have or that your crew is looking for: VETERAN PADDLER, QUEEN’S, MOLOKA’I CHANNEL, SEATS 1,2,5. THREE YEARS RUNNING.
Phone: 253 358 0607
Email: hirshp AT gmail DOT com

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