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Name Abilities Contact
 Kerry Miller  Masters wahine. 8 years experience. Usually sits 4.Have done Sydney harbour classis x 3, Takapuna x 2

“I am training hard to be as prepared as I can for the event”

paddle for Central coast outrigger canoe club

 kerrymiller68 @ gmail.com
 Vanessa Fordyce  Masters wahine

“I’ve been paddling since late 2009 with Central Coast Outrigger Canoe Club which is about 1.5 hours north of Sydney. Although we are going into Winter here, I am keeping my fitness up with weight training & fitness classes at the gym and paddling twice a week. “

 v_fordyce @ icloud.com
 Heath Allen  im 43, can race open or masters

5 years exp, raced catalina crossing, monterey bay crossing twice, molokai crossing, and lilioukalani race. i’ve sat 1, 2, 3, and 4. paddled with San Francisco OCC, O kalani OCC, Alameda, CA, and Healani OCC, Honolulu, HI

 415-286-4578 or heath.allen @ gmail.com
 Peter Anderson  very experienced steerer. Can paddle any seat 1-6. Have done & won numerous Australian & international races from 1987-present.  peterando68 @ gmail . com or +61 437116264
 Grace Cheng  Aloha!
Paddle under Coach Donna (Kahi) Kahakui for Lanikai CC.
Seats 1, 2, 3, 5
lightweight (115lbs), compact, but strong.
Mahalo nui & malama aina!
 808-782-0950 or gch2opolo @ gmail . com
 Charles Smith Golden Masters: Paddling since 2008. Baptised into the sport by Lanikai Canoe Club on Oahu. Can paddle any seat. Currently paddle twice a week in one man. Living on Oahu.  chaz58iguana @ yahoo . com or 808 333 8885
 Maria  Open: Novice(A), two seasons in seats 1-5 paddling for West Kauai Canoe Club. We are not entering Open division in this race so looking for a seat. Our club is training hard for this race and Queen Liliuokalani. Mahalo! Good luck to everyone!  mariask8z @ gmail . com or 614-301-5212
Hilary Beebe Aloha,
This is my third year as a Novice A/Open paddler on the isand of Oahu. My first year I paddeled with New Hope Canoe club, 2nd with Imua and now I am currently back with New Hope, my home club. I am looking for an Open crew to paddle with for Na PalI this year. Unfortunately my home club does not have enough paddlers to make an open crew. This will be my first year paddling Na Pali. I have done all of the long distance on island races on Oahu the past 2 years and plan to continge that this year as well. I have also completed Queen, Pailolo and the Molokai Channel all once throughout my paddling adventures. I am a powerhouse paddler and usually sit comfortable in seats 3,4,5. Please contact me if you have a seat for an energetic, eager paddler! Mahalo!
Phone: 808-728-0559 or

seaofdolphins @ gmail dot com

Below are crews looking for paddlers (fill in form at bottom to submit info)

Crew/Name What’s needed Contact
 Outrigger Santa Cruz  We are looking for a steerswoman.Under the direction of Coach Matt Muirhead, from Santa Cruz and Kauai, we had a well oiled machine in 2016, placing 3rd in the Masters division. Wonderful mana. Same phenomenal escort boat and canoe that contributed to our journey then will be accompanying us again.

Hope to hear from you.

Malama pono.

 831-476-2804 or leurs56 @ gmail  dot com
Kaiola Canoe Club A complete women’s crew needed, any age category. We are from Kaiola Canoe Club, we paddle out of Nuimalu, Kauai. We have a Canoe, and are in the process of acquiring escort boat services. If you are game to paddle with older men. Please, contact as soon as possible.
Hope to hear from you soon.
alantaogoshi AT gmail com or 808-635-1476

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